How to Find Silver

How to Find Silver / Learn How to Find Cheap Silver

Tricks to how to find silver. Silver can be found in so many places like garage sales, second had stores and at the bank. There are different types of silver available at a low cost. Almost free Silver is available,

How to Find Silver- Cheap Silver (Garage Sales)

Looking for how to find silver? Looking for cheap silver? Find silver below market costs? The first step in locating cheap silver, is to spot / identify silver’s characteristics on jewelry. Many times silver jewelry will be marked as .925, 925, sterling, or sterling silver.

The tough part is getting up at 5:AM in the morning and going to garage sales. I look for jewelry in any condition and search for the .925, 925, sterling, or sterling silver stamp.

Going with loupe to the garage sales, I have been able to I’m able to locate 92.5% silver. Over the years I have amassed a lot of sterling silver for a few dollars to the ounce.

Silver bikini Junk Silver


Where to Find Silver- Cheap Silver (Second Hand Stores)

Many times second hand stores can not identify sterling silver .925 or 925. I have seen 925 Sterling Silver jewelry mixed with the costume jewelry. However, even if the sterling silver jewelry is mixed with the costume jewelry, it may not be priced as the cheap silver at garage sales. I have found sterling silver prices better at garage sales.

Where to Find Silver- Cheap Silver (Junk Silver at Local Bank) You can junk silver at the local bank. I order rolls of half-dollars mostly. I look for pre-1964 silver half dollars 90% silver. I also look for 1965-1968 half dollars which are 40% silver. This is work, but I have collected 100s of 40% silver half dollars in the process.

Junk Silver Comes in Many Forms:

Percentage of Silver in U.S. Junk Silver Coins

Year Coin Silver Purity Silver Wt (oz.)
1942-1945 War Nickel 35% Silver 0.05626 in Silver
1916-1945 Mercury Dime 90% Silver 0.07234 in Silver
1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime 90% Silver 0.07234 in Silver
1932-1964 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 0.18084 in Silver
1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half 90% Silver 0.36169 in Silver
1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar 90% Silver 0.36169 in Silver
1964-1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90% Silver 0.36169 in Silver
1965-1970 Kennedy Half Dollar 40% Silver 0.14790 in Silver
1878-1921 Morgan Dollar 90% Silver 0.77344 in Silver
1921-1935 Peace Dollar 90% Silver 0.77344 in Silver
1971-1976 Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver 0.31610 in Silver

Silver Calculator

Silver Calculator

There are many top silver calculators out there.  There are silver calculators for  determining scrap silver. This silver calculator determines the bullion value of any scrap silver by weight when you know the fineness of the silver. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver, but other metals such as clad, nickle, copper, gold, and platinum. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver, but other metals such as palladium, gold, and platinum. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver, nickel, copper, and gold coins. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver. This silver calculator determines the melt value of silver.

Silver Facts

What is 925 Silver? Sterling Silver is what jewelry is traditionally made from, which is blend of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. On silver jewelry you sometimes see .925 stamped and or the words sterling, or sterling silver. In the U.S., only a minimum of 92.5% fine silver can be marketed as “silver.” Tip: Stirling silver jewelry is many times plated (flashed) with a thin coat of .999 fine silver for shine and anti-tarnish protection.

Fine silver (99.9% pure marked as .999 fine silver or 999) is too soft to use in jewelry or anything else because it bends, breaks, and stretches too much.

90% silver All US coins (dimes, quarters, and half- dollars) made prior to 1964 have 90% silver. Very few of these silver coins are in circulation.

What is 925 Silver?

What is 925 silver? Pure silver cannot be used in making jewelry as it is extremely malleable. Pure silver can suffer damage easily. Also, Pure silver is extremely soft.

To improve the strength of pure silver, it’s a blended by mixing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. That is were the .925, 925, sterling silver comes from.

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